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All about volunteering

So, you’ve made the first step, and now you’d like to learn more about volunteering!

Here is some more about us and who we are:

Hello! Our names are Ellie and Joy and we are young volunteer development workers. We are funded by the National Lottery Community Fund for two years, which is just amazing! We are both really passionate about volunteering and young people. We have both volunteered which has led us to secure jobs and ultimately brought us together for this project.

Our aim is to create more opportunities for young people aged 13-17 in the East Hampshire, Fareham, Havant, Winchester and the New Forest areas. We have spent a lot of time working from the ground up on this project, we have contacted over a 100 organisations and many youth groups and schools to find young people who wouldn’t normally have this amazing chance to volunteer within the community at this age. We want to help you become the best version of yourself and blossom into a young adult.

We want to work with you creating these opportunities, and we welcome you to come volunteer with us as well! We are always changing things up and need your input in our website, our social media and more importantly contacting other young people!

So if you have any more questions, check the FAQ or email us. If you would like to volunteer with us directly, just pop us a message and we will get back to you!!

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What is volunteering?

Volunteering is giving your time freely to someone in need. Whether that is an hour a week helping run a social media account, a few hours on a weekend looking after some animals in a rescue, cleaning some equipment, cleaning up the countryside or befriending an elderly person.

Why should I volunteer?

Volunteering is simple! It’s about giving your time to do something useful that can benefit both you and your community. Many charities and organisations would not be able to survive without volunteers. Volunteering can also add to your CV and enhance your future career prospects including applying to University – trust us! It will look great.

What can volunteering do for me?

You could

  • Meet new people
  • Learn some new skills
  • Increase your knowledge
  • Develop your CV
  • Give back to your community
  • Develop a new interest
  • Have some fun!

Who can volunteer?

Anyone can volunteer, our whole project is dedicated to young people – that’s you – between the ages of 13-17. If you’re older then please take a look at all of our opportunities here.

How much time does volunteering take?

The amazing thing about volunteering is that it can be as little or as much as you want! If you only want to give one an hour a week, that is amazing and you will find some opportunities that will take you for an hour. On the other hand, if you have a few more to give, that is also amazing! But don’t let it affect your school or college work.

If you only want to volunteer as a one off we also have some opportunities for certain events. But if you cannot find anything suitable please contact us as we will be able to let you know what we have!

How much does volunteering cost?

All our opportunities will cover your expenses – we have made sure of that! You will never be out of pocket for volunteering. If you are worried about the cost including travel or food please get in touch with us, we will be more than happy to talk to you and the organisation and see what is happening.

I/my parent/guardian is concerned about my safety

We only work with registered organisations and charities. We vet these opportunities to make sure they are real and we have also checked or provided them with policies specifically regarding young people which includes safeguarding and risk assessments. We would never want you to feel unsafe when you’re doing something amazing. If your parent/guardian wants to contact us, they are more than welcome too! We are a real human team and we want to work with everyone to address your concerns.

I need some more help

You can email us at youngvolunteers@cfirst.org.uk and we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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