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Recreational drugs are now recognised as being the number one cause of psychotic illness in the world, and as the consumption of these increases, so do mental health problems.

Established in 2018, Hammersley Homes is a charity that aims to provide a permanent home for life, for adults suffering from enduring mental illness – an alternative to “Care in the Community” – which so often leaves sufferers lonely, misunderstood, unhappy and living in chaos, unable to fend for themselves – as well as to reduce the financial pressure on the Police, the Mental Health Trusts and the Housing Associations.

Our prisons are horribly overcrowded, and one of the reasons for this is the very high proportion of inmates who are sentenced with already recognised and diagnosed mental illness. Were these vulnerable people to have access to better, safer and more suitable housing options, they could be protected from getting into trouble with the police and ending up in prison, which is terrible for them and bad for the prison services.

Some of us worry about who will take care of our mentally ill loved ones when we are gone – Hammersley Homes aims to do just that, with a focus on comfort, friendship, care and safety.

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