Opportunities with Butterflies Bereavement


Butterflies Bereavement Support is a community-based bereavement charity. We are a community not by choice but by circumstances. We reach out to each other, In love and understanding. With tolerance and patience. We are a community; we do not grieve alone.

Butterflies is inclusive, everyone is welcome. We are not a religious organisation or connected to any other charity. We are here for bereaved families and individuals who need care and support following the passing of someone special in their lives.

Butterflies is here to transform lives through the provision of accessible bereavement care and support from the age of 16 and over. This includes arrange of services that meet the different needs of the bereaved community now and in the future. Grief is as unique as you are, and as individual as a fingerprint. Each person will be affected in his or her own way because everyone is different – even in the same family. Each had their own relationship with the person who has died, their own experience of other losses and differing levels of support available – we are here to support them.

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