Volunteers’ Week 2022: Chris’s Story

6 June 2022

Final Straw Foundation work with local communities and businesses to highlight the impact of plastic pollution on our environment and to try to minimise the amount of plastic entering our local seas and wider oceans. They started as a group of volunteers giving their time to help clean up their local community spaces and, in time, the surrounding areas. They continue to seek budding volunteers to get dug in and help support their environmental cause.

Keen to find a role to help the planet, Chris was delighted to have come across this charity. He registered his interest in the Beach Clean Assistant role via our Volunteer First Website, which he said worked well for him, helped by the fact that they got back to him very quickly and he took up the role.

Chris felt very positive about his volunteering journey and said the following when asked:

Maldives Maafushi Sea - Free photo on Pixabay

Why did you decide you wanted to volunteer?

“The company I work for gives each of its staff a paid day a year to do something to help pets, people, or the planet.”

Was there a lot of choice of volunteer roles or did you have a specific idea in mind?

“I just wanted something local that I could do in a day or over a few days, so searched locally.”

Were there any difficulties or barriers to finding a volunteer role?

“No, there seemed to be a lot of options on your site.”

Was it easy to apply, what did you have to do?

“I simply contacted them and they got back in touch very quickly. I then filled out Eventbrite online forms for each of my beach cleans.”

What have been the best bits about volunteering so far?

“Feels good doing something useful, and learnt a few things too.”

What advice would you give other people who think they may want to volunteer?

“Do it! I’m going to continue.”

Was it helpful to you using the Volunteer Service/the Volunteer First website and would you recommend them to others?

“Absolutely. Good having everything in one place and the ability to search geographically and by type of work, etc.. Nice ‘one stop shop’ for volunteering.”

We celebrate Chris during Volunteers’ Week 2022 for getting involved and supporting a very worthy environmental cause. We thank him for his willingness and positive energy!

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