Vision for Volunteering: How does volunteering need to adapt by 2032?

9 May 2022

TheĀ Vision for Volunteering partners – NCVO, Volunteering Matters, NAVCA, AVM and Sport England – are delighted to say that the Vision for Volunteering has been published – you can find it at Whatever your role and your involvement with volunteering, they hope that you’ll find it insightful and inspiring as you consider the challenges and opportunities ahead.

At the heart of the Vision for Volunteering areĀ five key themes:

  • Awareness and appreciation of volunteering
  • Power
  • Equity and inclusion
  • Collaboration
  • Experimentation.

In each of these, they set out ambitions for what volunteering should look like and how this will make volunteers feel about their roles, by 2032. The Vision also includes a section considering how to define volunteering, a discussion of how volunteering is changing and evolving, and a description of how the Vision was developed.

Their communications toolkit is also live, and available for anyone to use, here. #VisionForVolunteering

They wanted to thank all of those who have contributed to and showed an interest in the Vision for Volunteering over the past few months: “it has been a fantastic collaborative effort, and we’re looking forward to updating you on the next steps for this movement in due course.”

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