Historical Re-enactment Event

12 March 2019

Volunteer to be part of a Historical Re-enactment Event in Cheriton

A Message from Lord Hopton’s Regiment of Foote

“Hello, I am 18 and a member of Lord Hoptons Regiment.

This year on March 30th – 31st we are marching through Cheriton village, Hampshire to commemorate the battle that took place there during the English Civil War, we will also lay a wreath at the world war memorial there.

We are inviting you to join in with us on this march. All your equipment will be provided and there is no charge.

Please note we have many women in our regiment in a variety of roles, it’s not just us males!

Why should you come? Well as a member of Hoptons I can assure you this will be an experience like no other and something truly unique. It’s my ambition to provide other people with not just the participation of this march, but the enjoyment of events such as these which we do throughout the year (where we re-enact large battle scenarios) in different locations across the country because it’s simply so much fun and I have made lifelong friends because of my involvement in the regiment. If marching isn’t your thing then feel free to contact us about taking part in future events.”

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