Hampshire Community Court Volunteers aged 14-25 needed

21 April 2017

The Hampshire Community Court is a youth led restorative practice programme aimed at supporting first time offenders and their victims of crime.

Volunteers aged 14-25 hold peer-led hearings with young offenders aged 10-17, their families and any victims of their crime who wish to attend. The aim of the hearing is to establish what harm has been caused and how it can be repaired or put right. The Community Court works to enhance the police’s use of non-charged outcomes and is only available in suitable cases as an alternative to prosecution via the criminal courts. A ‘suitable case’ is determined by the gravity score of the crime as set out by the Youth Justice Board and Chief Constable’s Council’s case disposal matrix.

The Community Court only deals with young people who have admitted their crime and are willing to engage with a restorative outcome. Although court in name the programme does not determine innocence or guilt nor it is there to substitute the criminal courts

We are looking to set this up in Winchester and are actively looking for volunteers to sit on the panel. Is there any way you can assist with advertising for volunteers.

For more information please email:community.court@hampshire.pnn.police.uk


  1. Linda Moorhouse says:

    Great learning opportunity for teenagers, we all know 14 year olds only listen to other 14 year olds !!!

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