Community First Delivers Essentials on Wheels

9 June 2020

Community First has teamed up with a club of 400 advanced motorcyclists to help vulnerable people get their prescriptions delivered.

The new service, Community First Delivers, began when Solent Advanced Bikers responded to the charity’s call for volunteers. The first delivery followed a referral from Havant Borough Council, for a man in Leigh Park who could not collect his prescription. He said, “I would like to thank the Community First Biker Volunteer who brought me my prescription today. I have been struggling to find people to help, and was in desperate need. Your volunteer’s help was amazing and was here within an hour of your call. Thank you so much”.

Solent Advanced Bikers are part of IAM RoadSmart Solent, the branch of the national road safety charity offering advanced motorcycle training in Hampshire, East Dorset, South Wiltshire, and West Sussex. With the club’s normal activities suspended during lockdown, several members are now on-call for Community First when they receive these vital prescription requests. Other members are helping move blood and plasma between sites for the NHS.


Simon Lamont, volunteer from Solent Advanced Bikers, ready for a Community First Delivers run


The club is pleased to be helping people via Community First during the current crisis. Solent Advanced Bikers Chairman Nigel Tailyour said, “We’ve enjoyed working with Community First – thoroughly organised and responsive, and we’re very happy to help.” Club member and Community First Delivers volunteer Simon Lamont said, “Communication from the Volunteer Service Staff has been great, and I’ve been enjoying doing this while the club can’t go out like normal. I hope we don’t have to keep doing this too long for the sake of the country, but I’m happy to keep doing it while I’m needed.”

Janet Duggan, Community First’s Business and Volunteering Engagement Manager, said “We have been absolutely humbled by the rapid and professional response from Solent Advanced Bikers, who have come forward during this crisis and made a real difference to people’s lives. Often, they get these emergency prescription collections to people in less than an hour. The group’s response to the call to action has made a great impact for local shielded people and their wellbeing.”


Getting help near you

Community First is working with Hampshire County Council, district and borough council partners, and our local community and voluntary sector organisations, to ensure vulnerable people are able to access the support they need during the coming weeks.

If you are shielding or isolating at home and need help with shopping, picking up prescriptions or just someone to talk to, please contact Hampshire County Council on the Coronavirus Hampshire Helpline, Hantshelp4vulnerable, open 7 days per week between 9am and 5pm: 0333 370 4000. They will connect you to your Local Response Centre where there are volunteers waiting to help you.

If your organisation needs volunteers, please contact Community First at or 0300 500 8085.


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