Blog: The Vital Role that Volunteers Play in our World

26 October 2023

Please read the blog post by Hammersley Homes founder, Louise Hallett, who experienced the great Morocco earthquake:

Hammersley Homes was established in 2018 to provide support for life for vulnerable adults who live with enduring mental health challenges and illnesses.

There has been much focus on mental health and wellbeing in recent years, but mental illness gets left out of the conversation altogether. Their purpose is to raise awareness of these debilitating illnesses, highlight the suffering of those who live with these challenges, reduce the stigma and provide support with anything they may be struggling with.

Through their Outreach Programme, Day Centres and Supported Housing projects, their aim is to enrich the lives of adults living with enduring mental illnesses, reduce loneliness and isolation, and provide relief to families who worry always about who will take care of their loved ones when they are no longer able to. The answer is THEY WILL.

Help them make everyday differences by volunteering with them today: 

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